Move to a New House the Right Way—Hire Mini Bins

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Move to a New House the Right Way—Hire Mini Bins

Moving can be quite an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t start planning well in advance of the actual moving day. You can significantly minimize the hassle and ensure a seamless packing and relocation process with the proper planning. This includes organizing your possessions and making arrangements for waste removal in advance.

Get Mini Bin Rentals When Moving

You should consider any steps you can take to make the moving process easier. For instance, unless you have mini bin rentals to put in all the trash, you might end up paying your movers and packers a lot more money to pack and haul undesired items to your new home. Determining the things you’ll take to your new home and the ones you want to get rid of is an important task in the moving process.

Many people think of mini bin rentals only when they need to remove rubbish from their residential or commercial building. But they can also come in handy when looking to discard belongings that you have no more need of when moving houses. Traditionally, people would get rid of their house waste when moving by simply stuffing it in a garbage bin, or going through the hassle of hauling the old stuff to a waste management facility for proper disposal.

But this tedious process is no longer necessary. There are several reasons to hire mini bins for your moving process:


If you have a central place to collect all your waste, then it will be much easier to sort your items and prepare for your move. Mini bin rentals make it easier to separate the items you want to move with from those that you want to dispose. And more importantly, working with a professional bin removal company ensures hassle-free waste disposal without having to worry about where the trash will go once you move.


Sorting your items and putting anything you don’t need directly into the mini bin eliminates the risk of hauling such things when moving. Otherwise, you risk getting confused about the items you’ll be moving with, and spending more resources to pack and move unwanted things.

Multiple Applications

Mini bin rentals can be used in a wide variety of applications to dispose of different kinds of refuse. You can rent a min bin when:

  • Renovating a house. If you’re planning on selling your current home, you may consider undertaking some home renovation work to improve the resale value. Any kind of construction or renovation work, from room additions to kitchen or bathroom remodelling, involves a lot of waste materials that need to be disposed of. Depending on the size of the project, some of the waste may need to be disposed of every day to ensure the safety of workers and other people accessing the job site. Hiring mini bins can help to keep your home clean and risk-free for the duration of the renovation and even after relocating.
  • Room makeovers. Rather than undertaking a large construction or renovation project, you may opt to improve the appearance of the rooms by adding decorations, fixtures, or appliances as appropriate. This process may require you to remove some items and dispose of them. In such a case, you can rent a mini bin to dispose of any waste safely and declutter your home.
  • Landscaping. You can plan to improve the exterior of your current home to increase its market value, or to boost curb appeal for your new home. Depending on the magnitude of your landscaping project, whether you’re trimming some trees and shrubs or laying hardscape features or setting up a shed, you can make use of mini bins to dispose of the resulting waste in a professional and eco-friendly way.
  • Home cleaning projects. The most common application for mini bins when moving is to get rid of clutter that you don’t want to haul to your new home.

In all these applications, mini bin rentals help to ensure that all the waste is properly collected and disposed of in compliance with the local codes in your area.

Available in Different Sizes

Mini bin rentals come in a variety of sizes to suit different application needs. When moving, you can choose any size of bin depending on the amount of clutter you want to get rid of. The common sizes of bins include:

  • 4 cubic meter bins. These are sufficient for throwing out general junk items or for a small clean-up when moving house.
  • 6 cubic meter bins. This bigger size can be used if you’re also planning a bathroom or kitchen remodelling project, especially if the waste includes cabinets, floor coverings, bench tops, wall tiles, and some small appliances.
  • 6–12.5 cubic meter bins. If you’re moving house and throwing out a lot of items, including appliances, old furniture, and exercise equipment, then a bin in this range may be appropriate depending on your specific needs.
  • 7.5–9 cubic meter bins. These bins are ideal when undertaking landscape renovation projects, including small paving jobs, pruning trees, or removing a lawn.
  • 9–12.5 cubic meter bins. These bins can be used when planning a home extension or a major renovation project.

Waste disposal professionals recommend that you choose one size bigger than your estimated need to ensure that it has enough space to accommodate any unexpected trash from a clean-up job, and to be on the safe side in case you underestimated the amount of waste you want to dispose. Choosing a larger bin eliminates the need to hire a second one and also saves you the extra cost of transporting two bins.

Final Note

To make the best use of mini bin rentals, you should start planning your move as early as possible and then rent your mini bin about four weeks prior to the move. This will give you enough time to sort the items you don’t need and sell, donate, or dispose of them correctly.

Ideally, you should start sorting items and possessions about eight weeks before the move. Take this time to go through the shed, garage, basement, and other storage spaces to determine what to keep, sell, donate, or dispose of. At six weeks to the move date, you can start planning the move and gathering packing supplies. Then, at four weeks to the move date, you can hire your mini bin and start getting rid of clutter in preparation for the move.

To find out the best size of mini bin rental for your needs, call Platinum Mini Bins at 1-855-615-8310 or contact us here for more.

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