Platinum Mini Bins is an active member of the Brampton business community, providing residential, commercial, and industrial waste removal solutions, year-round, on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on your needs. With an estimated population of 600,000 people, Brampton is the fourth largest city in Ontario, third-largest in the GTA and ninth in the country, and we’re happy to provide its residents and businesses with a clean and healthy environment.

Highlights of Brampton

Brampton is a diverse and vibrant cosmopolitan city that offers a traditional lifestyle with access to the amenities of a big city. Brampton has been identified as a growth centre within the province of Ontario. Despite its suburban setting, the city enjoys a diversified economy with nearly 9000 businesses. The city has achieved a designated “AAA” credit rating awarded by Standard & Poor’s for eight successive years. Residents and visitors have multiple outdoor recreational activities, thanks to its 800+ parks and 217 km of public trails.

Over 50% of Brampton’s population is made up of immigrants, which makes it one of the most multicultural cities in Canada. As a result, residents and tourists enjoy a wide range of culture-themed restaurants, festivals, events, shops, and businesses for year-round engaging activities. During the 30 years from 1981 through 2011, the city’s population grew by an incredible 8.4 percent per year, which translated to 18,000 new people annually, which is the second-highest growth rate among the largest cities in the country.

Residential and Business waste removal services

Platinum Mini Bins provides dumpster rental services for all kinds of commercial, industrial, and construction waste removal purposes to help in your organization’s efforts towards reducing your carbon footprint and conserving the environment. We serve various business sectors in Brampton, including retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, information and communication technology, among others.

Tips to help you manage your waste removal project:

  • Pick a bigger bin size than what you’re projecting will fit your waste - Bin sizes are usually measured in yards. The smaller bins that measure between 4 and 10-yards are best for home cleanout projects, renovations, and small landscaping jobs. Medium size bins measuring 14-20 yards are best for home renovation projects and furniture removal projects. They can handle as much waste as 6-10 pickup trucks. The largest bins are 40 yards is ideal for major renovation or construction work.

  • Check the filling limits – Compared to bulky materials that occupy large amounts of space but are not necessarily heavy; like carpeting, drywall, and scrap wood, waste such as dirt, concrete, and rock that have a bigger weight than volume may only be required to fill the bin quarter-way to avoid exceeding the weight limit.

  • Check the bin dimensions – Bins of the same volume can have different dimensions. Depending on the type of waste you want to haul, it might be preferable to choose a bin that offers more height, especially for bulky items. A low bin is best for heavy materials, so you can easily heft them over the side.

  • Choose a sorting strategy - For different kinds of projects, our professional team can help you identify the best waste collection and hauling options for your project. With source separation, recyclables such as cardboard, metal, wood, and gypsum are separated on-site and put into separate bins or stored in piles on-site. Mixed or commingled collection, on the other hand, involves recyclable materials being collected on a single bin for sorting at a different site.

  • Ask for discounts - Our bin rental and waste removal services are competitively priced to give you cost-effective waste management solutions. That said, we have various offers and opportunities for our clients to enjoy even more savings. For instance, we give discounts to students, active military, veterans, seniors, and nurses, but you should make sure to ask for them when negotiating the price.

  • Avoid penalties - Our customer service team also helps to prevent our customers from incurring extra costs through penalties by informing you about company rules, such as those about overloading the bin, mixing debris, or extending the duration of the bin rental. We often need to make arrangements for hauling the waste to different waste management sites and recycling programs, so changing the schedule suddenly disrupts more than just our business.

  • Reserving your bin on time - Any project that requires a bin rental is likely a big one. So as part of your planning, you should know the right time to reserve your bin rental to avoid a last-minute rush. While discussing your specific needs with our team, you must provide as many details as possible so we can suggest an appropriate delivery and pickup schedule.

Waste Removal from Site

The waste collected from different renovation or construction sites can be disposed of in several ways, including trading it to other construction or job sites that need those materials. This environmentally responsible process promotes the proper use of waste, so it does not end up in landfills. Landfills are waste disposal sites designed for the controlled deposit of solid, non-hazardous, and biodegradable waste from industrial, commercial, or residential sources.

Cleanfills are low-cost alternatives to landfills that are meant for the disposal of ‘inert’ waste with zero adverse effects on the environment. Since clean fill waste does not go through any chemical, physical, or biological transformations that may cause adverse health or environmental effects, it can be reused (clean filling) as it is or disposed of in a landfill that is specifically intended for clean fill material.

So the waste collected from construction, demolition, and landscaping activities is typically disposed of through clean filling. For clean fill to be accepted, it must not contain:

  • Liquid waste

  • Toxic or hazardous substances

  • Combustible, degradable, or, leachable materials

  • Materials obtained from the treatment or stabilization of hazardous waste

  • Hazardous materials that pose a health risk, such as medical products, radioactive substances, and asbestos

Other requirements that must be followed for the proper disposal of clean fill include:

  • Cleanfill should not be disposed of immediately after downpour because of the resulting wet and muddy conditions. Depending on how drenched the materials are, you may need to wait for 1-2 days for the clean fill to completely dry-out before depositing it.

  • Cleanfill obtained from residential projects can be disposed of in city landfills without necessarily getting a permit, provided the requirements are met. For instance, you shouldn’t transport the waste using a commercial vehicle, and you may be required to get a soil analysis for the waste to be accepted.

  • If you need to hire a commercial vehicle to dispose of the clean fill, or if you’re using a professional waste removal service, then an approval number must be obtained in advance before the waste can be accepted.

At Platinum Mini Bins, we can help you find the right dumpster rental size and identify landfill or clean fill sites in Brampton around you to ensure safe and legal waste disposal.

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