Platinum Mini Bins is proud to provide our clients in the City of Markham with professional waste removal solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We can help you reduce your carbon footprint and actively contribute to conserving the environment with responsible waste disposal. As one of the businesses serving the city of Markham, we appreciate the long history of the community and its gradual growth in becoming the fourth most populous city in the GTA with over 340,000 residents.

Highlights of Markham

The City of Markham is located in the York Region within the Greater Toronto Area in Southern Ontario. The growing population and construction of transportation routes increased the urbanization of Markham Township. In 1842, the township had a population of nearly 5,700 people occupying 29,000 acres. The first structured municipal government was formed in 1850. After the incorporation of Markham as a town in 1972, many people moved here from Toronto. By 1976, the population of Markham had reached 56,000, resulting in most of the agricultural land being transformed into construction sites. In 1980, Markham became known as a suburb of Toronto, and then a city in 2012.

People are attracted to the region because of its proximity to Toronto, affordable housing, zero municipal land transfer tax, and security. Markham is an exciting community with festivals year-round, including a national day for every community. These features are particularly attractive for young families

Markham also offers favours businesses owing to its low tax rates, good accessibility, and the availability of vast amounts of land.

Bin Rentals for Residential and Commercial Waste Removal

If you are renovating your home, doing a landscape project, or de-cluttering, then you should consider bin rental services for safe and effective waste disposal. Platinum Mini Bins provides custom waste removal solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial clients across the six main communities of Markham, including Thornhill, Cornell, Berczy, Unionville, Markham Village, and Milliken.

Markham local codes require that you get a permit before putting a dumpster on the street or any public spot. Otherwise, you’re free to place it within your private property without interference from the authorities, though you should take care not to damage your lawn or driveway.

Although concrete or asphalt driveways are hard and tough, it can still get damaged if you place the dumpster directly on it.

Tips to prepare the site for placing your bin rental:

  • Lay down pieces of wood or plywood to protect the surface - For short-term bin rental, you can simply lay down a few pieces of wood or plywood on the surface where the dumpster will be placed, as well as anywhere the delivery truck or other equipment will be operating. This will prevent parts of the dumpster and the construction equipment from sinking into the ground and leaving unsightly ruts and compacted zones.

  • Weight distribution - If you’re using a roll-off dumpster, most of the weight will be concentrated on the wheels. This should not be a problem if you are working on a quick project. But if the dumpster will be left on site for a long time, then it might create impressions or dents on the asphalt. To prevent this, you should place wide boards beneath the wheels to distribute the weight of the dumpster over a larger area and minimize compaction.

  • Check the weight (fill) limits - High-density waste, such as that obtained from construction and landscaping projects can easily weigh down a dumpster while occupying very little space. If you exceed the indicated weight limit and continue to add more debris, you might end up damaging your driveway. Moreover, since the dumpster can’t be hauled with excess weight, you will incur more labour costs to remove some of the waste. You can prevent the damage and hassle by checking the weight limitations of your bin rental and adhering to the filling recommendations. If you project that you might be having more waste than expected, you can simply schedule more pick-ups or hire a larger dumpster, rather than incur the cost of repairing the driveway, as well.

  • Check the integrity of the bin - You’re not supposed to mix different types of waste in your bin rental. Moreover, you need special arrangements to dispose of liquid wastes, including paints and fuels. So you should be careful not to put anything into the dumpster that could leak and damage your lawn. Even when transporting other kinds of waste, especially landscape waste, you should examine the bin rental upon arrival for any points of weakness such as rust, corrosion, or gaps, and request a dumpster replacement if you are dissatisfied. Alternatively, you could place a tarp beneath the danger zones on the dumpster. Even if you have no waste liquids, some materials can leave stains if it rains.

Platinum Mini Bins Can Help

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t set anything next, or on top of your bin, or overfill it. If you are uncertain about the quantity of trash to expect from your project, please ask our team to suggest a suitable bin size. And if the path and area around the dumpster is slippery, you should salt the area to prevent slipping and other accidents

Proper planning and preparation can reduce the likelihood of damage to your driveway or minimize the extent of damage, so you only need to do a little site remediation after the dumpster rental has been hauled away.

Contact our office in Markham to discuss your short-term or long-term bin rental needs.

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