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North York

North York

Platinum Mini Bins has become synonymous with quality waste removal for residences and businesses in North York. Previously a municipality and district of the city of Toronto, Ontario, North York is known for its unique charm owing to its multiculturalism, distinct neighbourhoods, and historical sites. Located north of Old Toronto and bordered by Scarborough to the east and Etobicoke to the west, the suburban district of North York has an estimated population of 660,000.

Highlights of North York

North York started as a Township in the rural areas of the Township of York in 1922. Through urbanization, it developed into the Borough of North York in 1967, and by 1979, it was referred to as the City of North York. Around this time, the city was nicknamed ‘The City with Heart.’ Before 1998, North York was the second-largest of six making up Metropolitan Toronto. It was then incorporated into the amalgamated City of Toronto following legislation from the provincial Government of Ontario that led to the merging of the six municipalities.

Today, North York is considered one of the most diverse areas of Toronto and is considered a ‘city within a city.’ About 57 percent of the population of North York comprises immigrants. This makes North York’s neighbourhoods very diverse, with people of different cultures.

North York’s central business district is one of the major corporate areas in Toronto. Amazingly, the section of Highway 401 that traverses North York exceeds 400,000 vehicles per day, making it the busiest part of the freeway in the continent. Finch station serves close to 100,000 people per day using the TTC bus station or subway station, while the Sheppard Subway receives around 55,000 riders per day.

Waste Removal Services for North York City

If you’re looking to maintain a greener lifestyle in the city of North York, there’re several things you can do: conserve energy at home or work, purchase eco-friendly products, reduce your paper consumption, save water, carpool, cycle or walk rather than driving. In addition, you can support various recycling and reuse programs around the city to reduce your carbon footprint.

One way to become more eco-friendly is to never discard anything before thinking about ways it can be reused or recycled. For instance, you can donate clothes to charities, books and magazines to hospitals, and reuse food containers. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by recycling. This involves activities such as separating your waste and using professional junk removal companies to dispose of it appropriately, composing your food wastes, or collecting your metal or plastic cans for recycling.

At Platinum Mini Bins, we provide residential, commercial, and industrial dumpster rental services for short-term and long-term waste removal projects, allowing you to responsibly manage all kinds of waste generated from your activities responsibly. Our bin rentals provide a great way for families and businesses to get rid of large amounts of debris that cannot be easily disposed of through the standard waste removal service. If you are doing some seasonal cleaning at your home or business, a home renovation, or landscaping work, a rental bin will help your project run smoothly.

Useful tips when renting a dumpster:

  • Before we deliver your bin rental, you should prepare the area in your driveway or lawn where the bin will sit during the rental period. If it’s winter season, make sure to clear any ice or snow around the area where the bin will sit, as well as the path to the bin to ensure that trash can be safely deposited.

  • If there’s wet weather causing the path and area around the bin to be slippery, then you should apply salt to prevent slipping.

  • Keep the area around the bin tidy by cleaning any spills or accidental drops when depositing the waste. Spills from organic waste can produce odours that attract flies and vermin.

  • Always keep the bin closed to prevent moisture and precipitation from getting inside and creating a breeding spot for insects. During extreme weather like winter, you should keep the latches and fasteners covered to prevent them from freezing. If they freeze, you should warn them to make the bin accessible.

  • Keeping the bins closed also prevents cats, birds, and dogs from accessing any trash bags, splitting them open, and causing a mess. Any damaged bins should be reported as soon as possible to arrange for the replacement.

  • Outdoor bins should be placed in a well-ventilated area with appropriate shade. Keeping the bins away from direct sunlight prevents any chemical processes or decomposition of organic waste and the resulting unpleasant odours and vermin.

  • Make sure that you follow company policies concerning the fill and weight limits of your bin. Overfilling or setting things on top or next to it means that you need to rent another bin. Kindly contact our office if you need to rent another bin. Alternatively, we can schedule multiple trips to remove waste from your site to keep it neat. If you are uncertain about the amount of trash that your project is likely to generate, please ask our professional team to recommend a suitable bin size.

Professional Bin Rental Services

If you plan on placing your bin rental in the open or in a public space in North York, we can help you get the necessary permits from your local authorities to prevent any issues from placing a dumpster on the street.

We can also discuss your different waste removal needs, including electronic waste, furniture, and hazardous materials, to ensure that they’re properly disposed of. If you have any questions or concerns about renting a garbage disposal bin in North York, please contact our office.

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