What Can Mini Bins Help to Dispose?

Posted by  on  04-12-2019
What Can Mini Bins Help to Dispose?

Mini bins are a great option for safely disposing of recycling waste that would otherwise not be handled by the municipality. Items such as construction materials, electronics, and outdoor waste can all be accommodated by mini bins.

Read on to discover how our mini bins can help you with your projects and what items they can help you to dispose of.

What Can Mini Bins Accommodate?

Typically, mini bins can handle any waste that doesn’t include toxic or hazardous materials. This can be drywall, roofing materials, food waste, and construction debris. Generally, two types of mini bins can accommodate different materials.

Clean fill bins dispose of materials like brick, cement, and asphalt. These are items that can often be used again on other construction sites and would require the use of our specialty bins. Regular bins are considered mixed waste as they can incorporate various other items such as electronics, household products, packaging materials, outdoor waste, etc.

What Can’t Mini Bins Accommodate?

While mini bins can be the solution to most waste that we come across, certain hazardous items cannot safely be disposed of through mini bins. This includes light bulbs, car batteries, asbestos, aerosol cans, mercury thermostats, propane tanks and other forms of toxic waste.

In order to keep the environment and local community safe, it is best to dispose of this waste by transferring it to a hazardous material disposal site that can safely and effectively dispose of it. If you are unsure of what constitutes toxic or unsafe waste, we can help address your concerns.

Other Bin Options

When deciding on waste management for your renovation projects or home clean-up, you may need a specialty bin that can accommodate common construction materials such as brick, concrete, dirt, gravel and rocks. These materials cannot be mixed in a single bin so that they will need separate bins for each material.

Bins For Events and Festival Clean-Up

While festivals and events can be fun for the local community, they leave behind a lot of mess and trash. Luckily for you, we have the experience and equipment necessary to tackle the aftermath of your local event or festival.

Platinum Mini Bins rentals come with additional waste management services such as drop-off and pick-up for your trash and recyclables, as well as professional consulting for your specific project or event. We also offer professional street festival cleaning services.

Our clean-up crews can take the added stress of clean-up away as they are highly trained to properly dispose of any waste so that you have the peace of mind you deserve. Your community and the environment will thank you for it.

Bins For Personal or Commercial Projects

Did you know that mini bins can also be used for your personal or business projects? For example, if you decide to renovate your home, it is safer to rent mini bins and dispose of dangerous waste regularly, so there are no accidents or mishaps throughout the process. Home landscaping or cleaning projects will also benefit from the use of mini bins, keeping the area free from clutter and confusion. Bin rentals can also be used for commercial properties and construction or renovations in office buildings, shopping malls or plazas.

Whether you are just cleaning out your garage, doing some major home renovations or organizing a community event, Platinum Mini Bins is happy to lend our expertise to your waste management strategy. We believe in practicing sustainability and using eco-friendly methods to preserve the environment and the local community. After all, it’s our responsibility to provide a safe, clean environment not only for ourselves but for those around us.

For more information on mini bin rental in Toronto, call Platinum Mini Bins & Disposal at 855-615-8310 or contact us here.

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