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Street Festival Clean-Up

Street festivals are a lot of fun, but they can also create a lot of trash. From food vendors to packaging from local products, these local festivals have a strong needed for organized recycling and waste disposal. For those who organize street festivals and community gatherings, implementing a waste management can be overwhelming and confusing. Instead of taking on this monumental task yourself, let us worry about the clean-up.

Our Approach

At Platinum Mini Bins & Disposal, we have a decade of experience sorting through trash and transporting it for recycling or disposal. Our team of specialists has the expertise you need to create a waste management plan that is cost-effective, convenient, and sustainable. Our main goals are to make sure your event produces as little waste as possible and to recycle as much of the waste generated as we can. This way, you can dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of your event, helping make it a long-term tradition built on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Clean-Up Crews

Our highly-trained clean-up crews have mastered the art of equipping street festivals and other public events with all of the necessary infrastructure for responsible waste management. This includes recycling bins, trash cans, and on-site cleaning professionals who keep the area clean and tidy throughout the event. Not only will this help keep the trash at your street festival organized and off the ground, but it will contribute to the long-term sustainability of street festivals in the local community.

Pre-Event and Post-Event Services

For your convenience, we offer comprehensive recycling and waste management services for all types of community events and street festivals. Our pre-event setup and during event clean-up teams ensure you have all of the equipment and manpower necessary to keep your event clean and organized.

Waste Management Bins

Beyond our clean-up crews, we can also provide bins for festival use. This will help your team keep your waste organized and your recycling sorted. By promoting these sustainable practices, you can minimize the amount of waste created by your festival. This directly impacts the amount of trash that ends up in your local landfills, helping you do your part to support your local community.


With countless food vendors and shops selling their goods, street festivals can create a great deal of waste. To combat this waste and help reduce the environmental footprint of your street festival, we aim to recycle as much material as possible. From food packaging to cans of pop, we provide street festivals with the recycling bins and dumpsters needed to collect your waste in an organized way.

From there, we will transport your recyclable material to the appropriate facility and have it processed so the material can be reintroduced in the local economy. At your request, we are happy to provide a team to sort through, organize, and transport your waste. This sustainable practice is meant to help encourage eco-friendly methods for hosting outdoor events, which both preserves the environment and minimizes the economic impact of consumption.

For more information about our street festival cleaning services, give us a call at 1-888-909-BINS (2467) or contact us here.

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