The former city of Etobicoke is situated in Western Toronto, Ontario, and bordered by the Humber River on the east, Lake Ontario on the south, Etobicoke Creek on the west, and Steeles Avenue West on the north. With its largely suburban setting and heavy industrial developments, Platinum Mini Bins is proud to be part of this community, providing residents, businesses, and industries with responsible waste management solutions through our short-term and long-term mini-bins rentals.

The administrative district of Etobicoke started as a European settlement in the late 18th century. The independent villages and towns in the region were absorbed into Etobicoke, though they were later dissolved in 1998 due to the amalgamation with other Metro Toronto municipalities to become part of the Toronto City. Today Etobicoke is home a highly multicultural population of over 365,000 residents, 47% of whom are immigrants.

Living in Etobicoke

Etobicoke has the lowest population density among the former municipalities that were amalgamated into Toronto City owing to its massive industrial lands and suburban residential developments. There are also multi-storey high-rise condominium developments in the southern region and apartment complexes located in open fields in the northern areas. There are also new condominium towers along Bloor Street and Humber Bay.

The area has good accessibility owing to the expressways that serve the region, including Ontario Highways 401, 409, and 427, as well as Queen Elizabeth Way and the Gardiner Expressway. There are also four stations of the Blood-Danforth Subway that lead into other areas of Toronto.

We provide residential and commercial mini bins rentals in Etobicoke, with our clients distributed across Long Branch, New Toronto, Markland Wood, Mimico, The Kingsway, and other residential areas. We also provide disposal bins for industrial waste management with flexible hauling schedules according to your needs.

Customizable waste collection

If you have a big project at home or your commercial, industrial, or construction site, then you may find yourself overwhelmed by the resulting huge amounts of waste. This is especially so if your regular trash pickup service cannot handle the type or amount of waste you want to dispose of this time round. Fortunately, Platinum Mini Bins can rent you different bins in several sizes to address your waste removal challenge.

You don’t have to purchase a bin for putting the rubbish and other waste from your project. If you only plan on using it for a short period, then it’s better to lease the bin for the exact duration that you need it. This is a cost-effective and practical solution for residentials, as well as offices, businesses, and industries for specific projects.

Our rental bins come in a variety of sizes, so you can easily find one that accommodates your unique needs regardless of the scope of your project. The bin can be placed at your property for several days, or even in a strategic public space provided, you get the necessary permits from the local authorities.

Our customization options include:

  • Short-term and long-term bin rental. Our rates depend on among other factors, the size of your bin, and how long you plan on keeping it on your property. Most people looking for one-time waste removal typically need 3-5 bins to fill the bin. But if you need it for longer, we can work out a cost-effective plan for you. Keep in mind that we have to make prior arrangements with waste management companies when delivering waste, so it’s vital to finish loading your bin before the agreed pick up time to maintain schedules and avoid penalties.

  • Multiple waste-removal trips from the site. In some cases, you may realize that you have more waste than expected and it won’t fit the size of bin rental that you have. You may also find that a smaller bin is easier to handle, though it may not be enough for the amount of waste available. Or you need different types of bin rentals for different kinds of waste. Whatever your challenges and needs, our experts will work out a suitable and cost-effective plan to remove all the waste from your property in a responsible way.

  • Disposal of hazardous materials. There are standard disposal procedures that apply to all waste removal companies. In Etobicoke and the entire province of Ontario, there are regulations about the disposal of electronics, chemicals, paints and other liquids, and many other products listed on our company website. While they should not be mixed with other waste, our experts can help you make special arrangements to remove hazardous waste from your property or work site.

  • Bulk waste removal requires special handling. We realize that you may need to get rid of bulky items that won’t fit into your normal bins for routine garbage collection. If your local waste management service provider can’t haul the items, it will just sit there on the street and create all kinds of problems. Please contact our office for the bulk removal of items such as old appliances, furniture, and other equipment that cannot be collected through your standard waste collection service. You should also consider sorting the items on-site if you plan on donating or selling some of them, so we only collect the waste.

Our bin rentals can be used to de-clutter or remove debris and other waste from homes, offices, warehouses, and landscaping, renovation, or construction projects. After filling the bin, simply contact us to send one of our experts to haul the bin and waste away from your place for proper disposal.

Contact us today

As part of the business community in Etobicoke, we are proud to provide our quality products and services, experience, and expertise in bin hire and waste removal. In addition to our wide range of bin sizes and outstanding customer service to help you find the right bin for your specific rubbish removal needs, we also offer competitive price matching, so you stay within your budget.

If you would like to learn more about our services, our team will be pleased to accommodate your every need and take the stress out of your rubbish removal for your property or premises. Contact our Platinum Mini Bins office in Etobicoke today to discuss more about the right bin rentals for your needs.

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