King City

King City

King City

King City is the largest unincorporated community in King Township, Ontario, with approximately 7,000 residents. The Township of King is the largest geographic municipality of the nine situated in the York Region. Located to the north of Toronto, and with easy access to key provincial highways, King City attracts residents looking to settle in a rural community but with good access to urban communities. Platinum Mini Bins is proud to provide the residents and small, corporate, and international businesses in King City with affordable and responsible waste management solutions through our bin rental services.

Highlights of King City

The village of King City was established in the 1830s as an English settlement. Later in 1890, it merged with the hamlets Eversley, Springhill, Laskay, and Kinghorn to form the village of King city. The population has increased gradually, owing to people from neighbouring densely populated cities looking for a more rural lifestyle. However, most of the residents continue to work outside the village and Township, especially in Toronto.

We realize that environmental responsibility is at the core of our business. That is why Platinum Mini Bins provides not only residential but also commercial and industrial bin rental services to help create a more sustainable future for our community in King City. With our short-term and long-term dumpster rentals, you can get rid of clutter, construction waste, manufacturing waste, and other kinds of waste responsibly while reducing your carbon footprint.

Simple Bin Rental Process for Residential and Commercial Use

When it comes to renting a bin at Platinum Mini Bins, we make the process smooth, efficient, and transparent, so you get rid of the waste from moving out, renovating, or de-cluttering without any hassle. Regardless of the size of the waste project in King City, we can provide you with bins to put your waste in an organized way, at your own pace, and then contact us when you need it hauled from your site.

If you’re renting a bin for the first time, or perhaps you’re uncertain of the amount of waste that will be generated from your project, our professional team can help you determine the best size and plan for waste removal.

Choosing the bin size

The cost of bin rentals depends on several factors, including the type and size of the bin. This, in turn, depends on the type and amount of trash you expect to dispose of. We can help you estimate the amount of trash and recommend an appropriate size of bin rental so all the waste can be hauled at once. Alternatively, you can choose a smaller bin size but schedule more frequent pickups to keep it from overflowing. Keep in mind that any bins larger than 18-yards require a special license. You also need to make proper arrangements for the placement of such a large bin to prevent it from damaging the ground on your site.

The common bin sizes include:

  • 4- 6 Yard bins – These are mostly used for small residential trash removal projects such as garage or basement cleanouts, small remodelling projects, transforming a home office, getting rid of obsolete electronics and appliances, and so on.

  • 9-12 Yard bins – These are the most common bin rental option because of their versatility for different kinds of projects. Residential clients can use them to remove waste from kitchen and bathroom remodelling, roof repair and replacement, garage cleanouts, and even landscaping projects.

  • 15-30 Yard bins – These bins can be used for large home improvement projects such as landscaping or room additions.

  • 40-Yard bins – These dumpsters are quite big, which makes them ideal for commercial and industrial waste removal applications. They can be used to transport pallets, Styrofoam, cardboard, and other large or bulky materials.

Checking the pricing and penalty conditions

Our bin rental and waste removal services are competitively priced to give you cost-effective waste management solutions in King City. That said, we have various offers and opportunities for our clients to enjoy even more savings. For instance, we give discounts to students, active military, veterans, seniors, and nurses, but you should make sure to ask for them when negotiating the price.

Our customer service team also helps to prevent our customers from incurring extra costs through penalties by informing you about company rules, such as those about overloading the bin, mixing debris, or extending the duration of the bin rental. We often need to make arrangements for hauling the waste to different waste management sites and recycling programs, so changing the schedule suddenly disrupts more than just our business.

Reserving the bin

Any project that requires a bin rental is likely a big one. So as part of your planning, you should know the right time to reserve your bin rental to avoid the last-minute rush. While discussing your specific needs with our team, you must provide as many details as possible so we can suggest an appropriate delivery and pickup schedule. We find that most of our residential clients want to keep the bin for between 3 and 7 days, though we can create a custom timeline depending on your needs.

Preparing for the bin arrival

If it’s your first time renting a bin, our professional team will guide you through the entire process, so it doesn’t overwhelm you. We can discuss different places the bin can be placed on your property and recommend ways to prevent it from damaging your driveway or lawn while making it easily accessible. You should clear the area where the bin will sit, ideally at a suitable distance from your entrance, so moving waste doesn’t become troublesome. If the bin is placed on your driveway, you should ensure that you have enough room to park your car or find an alternative parking spot for the duration. You may also use some planks of wood to support the bin so it doesn’t dig into the ground or ruin the surface.

We are always ready to provide more useful tips to make your bin rental experience pleasant. Contact our friendly team today to discuss our range of bin rental options to identify the right solution that will efficiently meet your needs.

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