Tips for Renting a Mini Bin in Winter

Posted by  on  18-12-2019
Tips for Renting a Mini Bin in Winter

While winter can be a harsh season for some, there are ways to make the transition smoother for you and your family. Perhaps you just want to snuggle inside with some tea and cookies or enjoy the presence of family during the festivities.

If you are planning on doing some home renovations just in time for the new year or sprucing up your home with a major clean-up, the holiday season is a great time to bring out the old and welcome the new.

Below are some helpful tips to keep your disposal bins from getting messy this winter season.

Wear Gloves

One of the most important tips for handling any waste is to remember to protect sensitive areas, such as your hands. This is especially important during the cold seasons and winter weather. You will want to exercise caution around frozen metal as skin can easily freeze.

Wearing gloves will also protect you from garbage contents that may be sharp, unsafe or result in injury if handled improperly. To be on the safe side, please remember to wear gloves whenever you are handling garbage or exposed to cold and the elements.

Get the Right Size

You must choose the right size bin for all your trash and garbage. For your convenience, we have over 150 models of bins available in a range of sizes from 4 yards to 40 yards in capacity. If you need help determining what size you may need, then we would be happy to help with your inquiries.

Choosing the right size is important as the last thing you want is a cluttered, overflowing bin causing a mess in your driveway. Also, you need to be able to keep the bin and the area around it clear. That means no garbage should be beside it or on top of it, only inside the bin!

It is a safety hazard to have garbage overflowing from the bins as it can cause accidents on the roads or driveways and even end up in someone else’s property. This is particularly dangerous in the wintertime as winds are strong, and weather conditions can make a mess of any garbage that isn’t inside the bin.

Keep it Covered

Another important rule for renting a mini bin in the winter is to make sure and keep the bin closed whenever you are not using it. This will help prevent rain, snow and ice from filling the bin. You’ll want to secure the cover and the latches properly as well. This will also help keep the garbage in the bin in the event that there is a snow or wind storm that knocks your bin over.

Make a Safe Pathway

To make your garbage disposal process easier, we offer on-site drop-off and pick-up services in Toronto and the GTA for our mini bin rentals so that you don’t need to haul your trash from one place to another. Keep some clear space at the entrance of your property for the bin and before its arrival. This will ensure safe access to and from the bin during your rental time. It will also help us in delivering your bin to you on time.

Accidents due to slippery driveways and ice can result in serious injury and keep you and your loved ones from fully enjoying the holiday season. Make sure that the pathway to your bin and surrounding areas are free from snow, slush and ice. You may want to add some salt to the area as well so that anyone passing can do so safely and without risking serious injury. Better safe than sorry!

Consult a Professional

Remember that if you are unsure of how to properly dispose of an item or materials, Platinum Mini Bins & Disposal is available for professional consulting. We are a team of experts who can guide you as to how best to dispose of your trash in an eco-friendly and safe manner. We can give you an estimate of the size of the bin you might need depending on your particular project or waste management needs.

If you are dealing with hazardous materials such as gasoline, oils, batteries or aerosol cans, we can help you locate the nearest disposal site. By consulting with a professional waste disposal company, you can rest assured that you’ve done your part in keeping the local community safe and free from potential hazards.

Abide By the Rules

Last but not least, you should check your local laws and waste regulations to make sure that you can indeed have a disposal bin on your street. Keep in mind that this may require a permit or fee depending on where you live, so it’s better to check beforehand and comply with regulations for the safety and benefit of the community.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make the right decisions when tackling your waste this holiday season. Safety is important, as is our commitment to eco-friendly waste management, recycling and garbage removal.

Don’t let your holiday parties and the slush and snow of winter get in the way of your responsibility to the community and the planet we all live on.

For more information on safe and sustainable garbage practices and bin rental in Toronto, call Platinum Mini Bins & Disposal at 855-615-8310 or contact us here.

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