Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fun Made Possible by Waste Management for Parties

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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fun Made Possible by Waste Management for Parties

Sustainability and eco-friendly living are some of the most popular lifestyle trends today, but did you know that this includes events, too? Parties, conferences, trade shows, and concerts use tons of printed materials like posters and flyers, generate lots of food and beverage leftovers and waste, and consume tremendous amounts of energy to power the entire event. They generate a buzz because of their wide reach and engagement, but on the flip side is the number of resources needed to pull them off and the waste they produce.

With the help of an effective cleanup strategy, you can reduce the environmental impact of massive crowds that flock to upcoming parties and conferences, without sacrificing your signature style, brand, and service level. See how the right party cleaning services can help you manage waste and recycle used materials, and, in the long run, minimize and prevent waste altogether in future events:

Install Segregated Garbage Bins

Aside from new connections formed and lifelong memories made, waste is perhaps the next biggest by-product of events like parties and conferences. Guests often leave their seats and tables littered with trash, from forgotten giveaways to wrappers and decorations—and without a doubt, cleaning up after them requires spending a considerable amount of resources to restore the venue.

Instead of doing that, you can partner with a party cleaning service to promote proper waste disposal during the event itself and save tons of time and money during the actual cleanup.

To achieve this, place separate garbage bins all over the venue, and make sure to attach corresponding signs for paper, glass, aluminum, plastic, and organic waste. Some of the most common areas where foot traffic tends to be heavy—and full of litter, without the right bins in sight—include the parking lot, the general spectators’ area, and vendors’ booths or stations. Doing this allows you to have all the waste materials properly segregated right away, so recyclables can be sorted according to type and reused, and only general waste will make it to landfills.

Party cleaning services also come in handy when taking down installations and dismantling equipment, ensuring that specialized materials like light bulbs and used or scrap metal are properly disposed of and recycled.

Proactive Waste Management

After-party cleaning and waste segregation are part of a larger sustainability strategy. That means, more than placing corresponding bins in the busiest areas, it’s important to proactively work with vendors and guests in terms of their waste disposal needs to promote an event that’s just as memorable and buzz-worthy, as it is sustainable and eco-friendly. It all starts with proper waste management planning.

Waste Management for Vendors

Before signing on a vendor, take time to sit down with them and go over some ground rules for sustainability, ensuring that you are on the same page when it comes to cleaning up after the event. This means asking them to provide an estimate of the amount of waste they’re likely to generate, whether that’s from food or recyclables like decorations. This will allow you to plan for cleanup well ahead and contract the right size and number of garbage bins from a party cleaning service. As well, you can also talk to caterers to include on-demand or live cooking counters, so food can be heated and served according to the demand to avoid spoilage and waste. This would also be a good time to ensure that your caterer won’t be using small sachet packets for condiments, which can quickly become litter. Finally, check if they can provide reusable beverage containers, as plastic cups can quickly pile up.

As for booking vendors, consider renting instead of an outright purchase; not only will this cost less, but you’ll also have fewer items to dispose of. These include backdrops, carpets, and decorations. And while you’re working with these partners to plan the perfect event, consider switching to electronic invoicing and accounting to reduce paper use, and ensure up-to-date record-keeping for payables.

For Reaching Out to Guests

Guests are the core of any event—and, unfortunately, are also often the biggest source of litter. Prior to the event, engage them in sustainability efforts, such as communicating via email, website, or smartphone apps, instead of sending printed invitations. And while you’re at it, make sure only to print necessary materials in small batches; chances are, everyone would rather use their phones or computers when they have to look up something or connect with their peers. Finally, let them know about waste disposal and recycling initiatives, so they’ll be more cautious when disposing of leftover food, coffee cups, and wrappers used in party favours.

Plan for Proper Egress

With the help of party cleaning services, you can easily restore the venue back to its default state, leaving no traces of waste. This is possible with proper planning for venue cleanup and egress.

To start, make sure that there are designated recycling and composting sites. As segregation is just the first step to waste disposal, you’ll want all types of garbage to be ready for the next step, whether that’s transport to a recycling facility or the landfill for the non-biodegradable. As well, pay attention to waste materials like decorations and carpeting because these don’t necessarily need to be repurposed to be recycled. Instead, consider extending their use for your next party by storing them, and if not possible, donating them.

Event Cleanup

This is where party cleaning services come in especially handy. While you might be able to manage a waste disposal strategy on your own, cleanups of large venues require extra help to be absolutely spotless. Party cleaning service providers specialize in this task, ensuring that the venue is scrubbed clean and restored using chemical-free and environmentally-friendly products and practices. As well, they can also bring specialized equipment for handling waste disposal, including channelling wastewater into sewage treatment plans, and final garbage segregation and pick-up for removal from the site.

Are you planning a party? Next to the theme, date, and entertainment, plan for proper waste disposal to promote sustainable, eco-friendly fun. Platinum Mini Bins offers specialized party cleaning services to help you plan the perfect event and clean up afterwards, down to zero waste. Call us at 1-855-615-8310 or contact us here for more.

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