Nine Benefits of Recycling Services in Toronto

Posted by  on  24-07-2019
Nine Benefits of Recycling Services in Toronto

The City of Toronto has been focusing on creating a more green community. While their recycling efforts appear to be productive, there is still more work that can be done by local businesses.

There are over nine million tonnes of waste that have been recycled by Canadians, according to the Recycling Council of Ontario. More than three tonnes of that came from Ontario alone. In addition, about 180,000 tonnes of recyclable material passes through Toronto’s Blue Bin program. However, according to Global News, about 30 percent ends up in the garbage.

Here are several ways that recycling can benefit your Toronto organization.

Benefits for Recycling

  1. Save money. By choosing to recycle more of your used business materials, you can actually save money on disposal costs. The City of Toronto website notes that “there is no fee for recycling and one-a-week organically collection.” The website states that those services are covered by regular collection services. However, if a business produces excess waste, they will need to pay for extra services or hire a collection company. Cutting costs essentially means more revenue for the organization.
  2. Discounts. Some items can be returned to the store for recycling and earn you a discount on new purchases. In particular, tech gadgets like phones or computers can be exchanged. So, if it is time to buy new ones, consider finding a store that will offer you a discount in exchange for bringing back and recycling your old, used devices and computers. In addition, some retailers have recycling programs for supplies like ink, toner, or batteries, which may also have in-store incentives or discounts to participate in. These types of programs not only keep harmful items out of the landfill, but they can also save you trips to the recycling centre and reward you for it. Another way to benefit from your old technology is to donate it to a charity, which will earn you a tax benefit.
  3. Grants. Businesses looking to make their operations or buildings more energy efficient and environmentally friendly may be eligible for grant funding to help. Toronto itself is committed to a zero-emissions building framework. So, any organizations looking to build green may be able to find extra support for their projects.
  4. Reputation. Companies that recycle and show a concern for the environment are more likely to be thought of in a positive light by consumers, suppliers, and other organizations. Environmental issues have been a major topic over the past couple of decades and companies that are committed to making a difference are sure to build a good reputation. In addition, many younger employees want to work for businesses that make a positive impact in the world. Therefore, by cultivating a recycling culture and reputation for your organization, you are more likely to attract top young talent. One way to promote your business’s recycling efforts is by creating a recycling program for your customers. This will not only boost your reputation, but it will also bring customers back to your business.
  5. Environment. Any recycling efforts that an organization makes has a positive impact on the environment. By reducing the amount of waste in landfills, companies are helping protect valuable land and the animals that rely on it. According to Forbes, experts have stated that unless something changes over the next few years, there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish. Businesses that make the extra effort to use recycled materials are having an even bigger impact on protecting the environment. They are also helping build the economy by creating work and jobs in the recycling sector.
  6. Sustainability. Developing processes and operations that secure the future of the organization is an essential part of creating a sustainable business model. The more that a company can do to be environmentally friendly, the more they are actually developing a business that will not just survive, but thrive in the economy. Because recycling leads to better business practices such as reducing waste and reusing items, it also benefits the company’s bottom line by reducing the money needed for supplies and other products or services.
  7. Reduce workplace mess. Having a solid recycling procedure in place often leads to less mess in the work environment. Blue bins, organic waste containers, and a bottle recycling bin will mean that more of the waste that is produced by employees will be properly put away rather than left lying around or piled up in a garbage can. This cleaner work environment will also have a positive impact on employee production and morale.
  8. Sell, sell, sell. One person’s garbage is another man’s treasure the old saying goes. Basically, that means that rather than throw away items that your business no longer wants or needs, you could sell them. Regardless of what you want to toss out, such as computers, furniture, etc., there may be someone willing to pay you for them. Selling your used items could become another revenue stream for your organization.
  9. Innovation. By adopting a recycling attitude, businesses will start to consider how to reuse products rather than tossing them out. For example, scrap paper could be made into notepads. Through workplace efforts, you can encourage employees to be innovative with their recycling and reusing ideas. Activities like this can also lead to better teamwork and more engaged employees.

With tonnes of waste being created and a large portion of that coming from Toronto, it is not just a good idea for businesses to recycle, it is crucial. By implementing a recycling program in the workplace, an organization can benefit in many ways, including through cost savings, employee engagement, reducing mess and clutter in the workplace, grants and government funding, revenue that comes from selling off used items, tax incentives for donating old items, and building a reputation for being a company that cares.

For more information about the benefits of recycling for your Toronto organization, call Platinum Mini Bins & Disposal at 855-338-8372 or contact us here.

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